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G5 e-City

The right mix of comfort and simplicity combined with the best motor and a battery . All integrated into a single and unmistakable frame.

 500Wh Battery

Batteries with latest generation Samsung cells, unprecedented performance in any weather condition.

Easy and Safe

The E-Bike for everyone, equipped with the best technology available to ensure safe riding in every situation

OliSport Motor

The silent and high-performance 250W Italian engine delivers a maximum torque of 85NM which guarantees extraordinary responsiveness.

Made in Italy

Quality and craftsmanship entirely made in Italy, we are pioneers in making the most of each of our products with the utmost attention to detail.

Performance senza precendenti del nostro motore OliSport 85Nm

G5 Performance

The high-quality components, and the long-lasting battery make the E-city a handy vehicle suitable for both short and long journeys. The suspension fork will also allow you to tackle all types of road surfaces with confidence.

Shimano partner
Sram partner
Oli System partner
Rockshox partner
Kenda partner

An infinite battery

**Avaliable on request

Every pre-existing record has been broken with our 910Wh battery. Its literally infinite range allows you to go further and explore your destination without the constant fear of running out of "gas". Ride wherever you want to go with no more limitations.

910 Wh Samsung battery

220 Km Range

G5 battery da 910 Watt massima efficenza
Run Europe dispositivo di tracciamento
G 5 Mobility e bike biciclette elettriche



**Sistema brevettato da G5

Explore new horizons and experience limitless adventure with RunEurope, our unique patented GPS tracking device. The freedom to track, protect and optimize your cycling experiences is finally within your reach. Take advantage of RunEurope's powerful features to experience peace of mind and customization with your G5 e-bike

  • Performance optimization

  • Real-time traceability

  • Personalized browsing

  • Full protection

  • Guaranteed security

  • Total control

Customize your E-City

Make your e-bike reflect your unique style. Create your customized e-city. Choose the color that represents you, customize the size and type of tyre, select the most comfortable saddle and add those special details that will make you fall in love with your bike. Contact us today.

Avaliable customization:


  • SEAT





  • ALL

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Esplore G5
elegance verde acqua e bike bicicletta elettrica da città da cicloturismo


Ebike mountain bike per tutti i percorsi bicicletta elettrica


Bicicletta elettrica granturismo e bike borse luci integrate


Bicicletta elettrica bi ammortizzata agressiva per fuoristrada mountain bike


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