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Green recharging  for ecoadventures

Imagine being able to pedal without worries, knowing that you have an incredible source of green energy at your disposal that will follow you wherever you go. Harness the power of the sun to fuel your e-bike adventure. With ECOXRecharge, our innovative photovoltaic station, you can enjoy long hikes, breathtaking adventures and unforgettable moments, knowing you always have inexhaustible energy at your fingertips.

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e-SunModule 1.0 è un progetto G5mobility stand alone che consente di ricaricare le E-bike tramite energia sostenibile solare. La struttura è modulabile e trasportabile e non necessita di opere edilizie nè manutenzione. Tramite il sitema di inverter e batterie consente di ricaricare in maniera rapida e sicura, il tutto salvaguardando l’ambiente e il nostro pianeta.

Energy autonomy

Unlimited energy for your adventures

Easy to us

Simple and inintuitive recharge

Intelligent design

Compact, durable and suitable for any weather


Reduce the environmental impact of your rides

Do you want to discover the e-green world developed by G5?

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